Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chinese Comics Shopping Spree on Books Kinokuniya SG BookWeb Shopping Spree - Free Delivery above $50

I was little bored today so I decided to do a detailed analysis on the Kinokuniya New Bookweb Version which allows free delivery above $50...Imagaine buying a book without leaving the comfort of your home.
Disclaimer - Bookweb Online services & Kinokuniya SG Retail stores are 2 seperate department and the Retail Stores in NAC , BJ & Liang Court are NOT ABLE to answer nor solve any problems pertaining to your ONLINE Purchases NOR COMPLAINS... for all online enquires & complains, please channel to the right department for the problems to be solve... (E.G I do not call PUB to solve my RUBBISH Chute Problem...thats Town Council Job)
Contacts for Kinokuniya BookWEB
E-mail: | Tel: +65 6276 5558
Operation Hours: 9.00am - 6.00pm
(Monday to Friday, except Public Holidays)
I have decided to use comics as a starting point as this blog seems a bit dead & I wanted to use something to breath new life into it so here it is.
Using my portable laptop with online access, I went to Kinokuniya NAC to check out their comics collection and then use then compared with the online bookweb data base to confirm my findings. And here is my conclusion and suggestions to make bookweb buying a fun and easier experience.
As seen from the below 2 pics which the titles are in stock or in the HQ Warehouse, the titles are shown to be available in Bookweb.
The last picture shows the title that is unavailable but IS ABLE to be ordered through ONLINE BOOKWEB (subjected to availability) but not through the retail store. Of course, where the sale goes through or not is depend on the stock availability.
So I summarize the following
Stocks available on Bookweb is also seen at most Kinokuniya Outlets - Most of the time.
Stocks not available on Bookweb is also not available at Kinokuniya Outlets - Most of the time also.
Titles out of stock can be ordered via Bookweb Online - YES subject to availability
Titles out of stocks can be ordered via retail stores - NOT Always as subjected to restrictions and any many various issues.
So for those who wanna save the trip down Orchard Bugis or Liang Court and wanna save on the delivery....below are some suggestions you can use.
Suggestion for Online Ordering.
1)Head down to any of the Kinokuniya Branches & check out the stock availability before making an order online. It will ensure faster processing & delivery. Especially since if there is stock in the store, there probably is still in the warehouse
2)Make multiple purchases for one transaction to enjoy the "Above $50 free delivery)
3)Try to make orders on a MONDAY as you have 4 weekdays to thrash out any purchase issues as BOOKWEB online Staff is not available on Public Holidays & Weekends so there is no one to answer your enquires and retail sales floor personnel won't be able to help as they are of a different department.
Final Notes & Hints
KPC members enjoy the normal 10% discounts on the Bookweb Purchases although I am not sure if they will enjoy the 20% members please call 62765558 (Bookweb Department) to find out
Prices may differ slightly from the online & the retail stores as it is subjected to the currency fluctuations for the stocks arriving at different points of the year...(this is a norm for all Books Industry and NO need to make a Big Fuss over it!)
Japanese Mooks with Branded Bags included are also able to be ordered through Kinokuniya Bookweb Singapore. Stocks availability & Pre-orderings status will be the same as what I describe above for the comics.
Be nice to the staff at the sales floor & Remember, they CANNOT Answer for your ONLINE Purchases nor Bookweb Enquires!

Contacts for Kinokuniya BookWEB
E-mail: | Tel: +65 6276 5558
Operation Hours: 9.00am - 6.00pm
(Monday to Friday, except Public Holidays)

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